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The Ultimate Authority Mastermind & Retreat

3 day immersive program for life coaches, healers, artists, and entrepreneurs wanting to connect, fall back in love with their purpose, reclaim their authority, and design their future.

Have you ever wanted to become a painter healer coach  artist entreprenuer   ...

and stopped short of making it happen because a little voice inside you said 

“What if..? What now? I can’t! It won’t work?”

Sounds a lot like...
fear & doubt!

You know, that niggly belief that you are not good enough, not as clever as others. That voice in your head that says others will do more, be more, be better than you will – despite being amazing at what you do!!

  • Do you ever feel like you’re not worthy of the success you’ve achieved?
  • Unsure if you are on the right path?
  • Holding yourself back due to self-doubt?
  • Letting the resistance stop you from achieving success?
  • Thinking, “business is TOO HARD”, and ready to jump off even before you’ve gotten started?

Yup…that’s the fear talking!

The funny thing about fear is that it was designed to keep me, you, us safe.
But, now, it keeps you from pushing our boundaries, trying new things, taking a risk.

Self-doubt is really the seed...

Self-doubt and fear can come from a lot of things, but often it’s the seed of impostor syndrome where you stop recognising your capabilities and strengths, you begin to question everything and worry whether someone will find out you’re here by mistake. 

Do you wonder if you have or will make the right choices?
Do you question yourself if you are “good enough”, losing confidence and letting opportunities pass you by?

It's a good thing you are here, because I can help with that!

It's time to stop hiding doubting yourself letting opportuniities go ...

If you are ready to step into your own light and start shining, then you are in the right place! I’m so glad you found your way to me!

The Ultimate Authority Business Mastermind & Retreat will give you the clarity, tools and systems to enable you to run a successful, thriving business.  My goal for the three-day retreat is to help you: 

  • gain confidence in running your business
  • provide clarity about your business    
  • refocus your priorities so you can spend more time for the important things in life
  • show you how to build the right foundations for your business.

The Ultimate Authority

Step away from the daily distractions, and take time to work on you, and your business.  Share ideas, get clear on your priorities, and leave with focus and a clear plan. 
This 3-day Business Mastermind & Retreat will help you

grow your impact, get focused, develop new ideas, and
enable you to solve your biggest roadblocks, using proven frameworks.



As I flirted with the idea of creating an online training business, I didn’t know where to start and felt overwhelmed. I began very, very slowly. At first, wishing to save money, I tried doing everything on my own. While busy wearing all the hats, I was literally chasing my own tail and didn’t go anywhere. Seemed I was building more business with lemons as for my ideas.
And then I met Jenni Walke, the business coach Lemonade maker. Passionate and energetic, she was able to see the essence of who I am and what my passions are. Her genius relies on grasping the big picture, the one that I couldn’t see and translate that into step by step strategies. Many times, I thought I could go on, Jenni stood like a pillar and lighthouse.

Annie Lebrun

Are you ready to take the next step?

Gain Clarity

Challege your Beliefs

Claim your Strength

Join our 3-day mastermind and start activating your authority

Jenni Walke

So, you are probably wondering, Who am I, and what makes me qualified to be your coach?

Hi! I’m Jenni.

I help people build sustainable businesses.  I am a business coach and work with business owners, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and leaders wanting to create purpose.  

I am also an author, speaker, business owner and entrepreneur – who sometimes struggles with shiny things. Which is why I created this retreat.

Over 3 days I get to focus on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, sharing stories, insights and strategies to help you gain clarity, focus. 

This is a high-touch, deeply human coaching program that focuses on what you want to get out of your business. 

The best business retreat I’ve ever attended. Such a calm environment, lots of rich conversations and leaning. Jenni Walke is a master at creating space and time to gain clarity around the messy middle of my business and to be able to reflect on and plan for the growth and evolution of my business. A welcome note, nourishing food and great company made it even more special and easy to learn. A must attend!

Jeanette Mundy

ontological coach

Jeanette Mundy

Be part of something amazing

Five years ago I took the leap that you are thinking about and started Elephant in the Room Consulting. I had no clients, no immediate offers, but I knew it’s what I was meant to do!  Why?  Because I trusted and believed in myself! 

Working with over 200 business owners in the last five years, I see this a lot! The great thing about fear and imposter syndrome is that you can conquer it. 

Petra Tezak

I’ve grown the level of my business so much. Looking back on the year, I can’t believe we’ve done so much.

Thanks to Jenni!

Petra Tezak

healing coach

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