Imposter Syndrome

Here are seven tips you can use to destroy any self-doubt that occurs while starting or running a business.

1.) Don’t worry about what others think

Being an entrepreneur involves meeting with a lot of people: employees, vendors, clients, partners, colleagues, mentors, not to mention your friends and family. If you keep thinking about what each one of them thinks about you and how to please them, you’ll run out of time to do anything else. 

2.) Surround yourself with the right people

You will need people to lift you up, especially when you are down. Look for someone who has what you want and imitate them.

3.) Short term goals vs. long term

Sometimes, the reason we feel overwhelmed with self-doubt is because we are focusing too much on the big picture. Focusing too much on long-term goals can seem unattainable. 

4.) Examine yourself

Our roadmap in life depends on how we see ourselves. It will either take us to new directions or make us feel like we’re just floating above water, we become too scared to chase what we really want.

5.) Self statement can do the work

Our words can make or break us –it includes the words that we say and the words we think of.

6.) Focus on what you want

Discovering yourself and overcoming self-doubt means giving more power to your desires than to your fears.

7.) Do it!

Making decisions is a sign of confidence. At one point in your life, you need to stop wondering how to get rid of self-doubt and do something about it.

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